Brewton Plante, P.A. offers its clients expertise associated with more than 80 years of combined legal practice. Located at the heart of Tallahassee just steps from the Capitol Building, Brewton Plante, P.A. provides its clients with a broad spectrum of legal services, including Administrative Law, Corporate Law, Appellate Law, and Government Relations.

Brewton Plante, PA.’s esteemed reputation stems from its team’s in-depth knowledge, exceptional service and proven track record. Brewton Plante, P.A. recognizes the importance of tailoring each strategy to meet the needs of each unique client and is committed to creating innovative strategies to help its clients achieve their objectives, no matter how complex the legal issue.

Whether you are looking for legal services or government relations representation., Brewton Plante, P.A. is the full-service firm for all your legal needs.



Administrative Law

With the firm located just steps from the State Capitol, Brewton Plante, P.A. is able to efficiently represent its clients' interests before the State Legislature and the Executive Branch of state government.

Appellate Law

Appeals are a unique form of litigation, which require a distinct set of skills, including solid legal analysis, brief-writing abilities and oral argument skills

Corporate Law

Through all stages of business strategy and development, we work with clients to address issues associated with the formation and operation of for-profit and no-for-profit organizations.

Government Relations

Brewton Plante, P.A.'s governmental affairs team has been involved in major legislative issues in Florida for the past 40 years.


Wilbur E. Brewton

Wilbur E. Brewton

Managing Partner

Kelly Brewton Plante

Kelly Brewton Plante


Ronald A. Labasky

Ronald A. Labasky



Brewton Plante, P.A. wins bid protest

The Firm represented Prison Rehabilitative Industries and Diversified Enterprises, Inc. (PRIDE Enterprises) in reference to an Invitation To Negotiate (ITN No: 012-13) in a specification challenge in reference to the manufacturer and distribution of approximately 18...

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